作為四維品牌整合設計的子品牌,充分體現了跳脫框架和探索新維度的精神。通過挖掘行業技術與背後故事,透過專業設計提煉、創造出獨具意義的精緻作品。4W STUDIO 著眼於協作精神和嚴謹的自我要求,融合印刷資源與跨領域創意,與客戶共創成功方案,致力於打造獨特體驗和持久價值。


    4W STUDIO focuses on resource integration, cross-disciplinary creation, and building win-win collaborations with clients. As a subsidiary of SIWI DESIGN, it fully embodies the spirit of breaking boundaries and exploring new dimensions. By uncovering industry techniques and underlying stories, 4W STUDIO refines and creates uniquely meaningful and exquisite works through professional design. Emphasizing collaborative spirit and rigorous self-expectations, they merge printing resources with cross-field creativity to co-create successful solutions with clients. They are not just a creative team but also storytellers and craftsmanship practitioners, dedicated to crafting unique experiences and lasting value.

  • 我們協同客戶在其獨特的文化與商業現實背景下共同定義問題,並針對其需求量身定制設計方案。

    4W STUDIO 提供的不僅僅為單一平面設計服務,我們的服務範疇涵蓋策略思考、市場調查、產品開發、包裝結構設計以及網站平台開發等全方位品牌規劃服務。透過全面的品牌規劃,在信息過載的市場中創造出新穎且持久的亮點和價值。


    We collaborate with clients to define problems within their unique cultural and commercial contexts, crafting customized design solutions. 4W STUDIO offers a comprehensive range of services beyond graphic design, including strategic thinking, market research, product development, packaging structure design, and website platform development. Through thorough brand planning, we create innovative and enduring highlights and value in an over-communicated market.

  • 在維度之間定義可能 ︱ Define the possibility in the dimension.

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